Stretch Goooooooal!

Remember that awesomesauce Kickstarter I mentioned earlier, Storium?

It can now be revealed that I’m writing a world for it!

Cats ‘n’ kittens, have a gander at the this stretch goal burst:

At $49,000…
SQUATCHTOWN — Walk the mean streets of a city where Bigfoot’s not a legend and private eyes just might be nine feet tall. Take a walk on the real wild side where big heat meets big feet, and human and sasquatch worlds collide. (By Richard Dansky, author of Vaporware and head Clancy writer for Red Storm Entertainment/Ubisoft.)
At $51,000…
DOWN AND OUT IN THE KINGDOM OF COINS — Whether you’re registered agents of the High Guilds or illegal night marketeers wheeling and dealing under the noses of the powers that be, there’s only one rule in the Kingdom of Coins: murder, dark magic or new, weird blasphemies – anything sells. (By Adam Kobel, co-creator of the ENnie-winning Dungeon World.)
At $53,000…
THE HOLLOW — Quaint, remote Camden’s Hollow is famous for its abundance of ghosts and its hospitality for ghost hunters, but when you arrive for a weekend of orb-spotting, you find the town deserted … except for the restless dead. (By Lauren Roy, author of Night Owls.(That’s me omg)
At $55,000…
GOTHAM JAZZ — It’s the height of the Jazz Age. The height of Prohibition. Benjamin Franklin’s heirs — the Right Honorable Order of Thaumaturges — reign with their weird technology over an America gone strange, where masonry-domed city states hunker amid poisoned wastelands and munitions factories and beautiful women swill bootleg liquor in smoky speakeasies. (By Hugo and Sturgeon Award-winning author Elizabeth Bear.)

So, if you’ve been debating whether or not to be a backer, please consider reaching into your pocketses and giving Storium a try! At the $10 level, you get access to the beta, and can start playing instantly.

Meanwhile I’ll be over here, /fangirling at the other authors in whose company I find myself.

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