Chicago! I will be at C2E2 this weekend.

If you’re attending, I hope you’ll add my very first panel, ever to your schedule. On Saturday at 3:00 in room S402, I will join Kevin Hearne, Chloe Neill, Kerrelyn Sparks, and Jacqueline Carey for a discussion entitled Supernatural City. The panel will be moderated by Mia Garcia.

Look! A description:

Join Authors Jacqueline Carey (the Agent of Hel series), Kevin Hearne (the Iron Druid Chronicles), Chloe Neill (Chicagoland Vampires), Lauren Roy (Night Owls) and Kerrelyn Sparks (the Love at Stake series) on a guided tour of cityscapes populated by supernatural creatures, both friend and foe.

Afterwards, we all trek to the autographing area from 4:15-5:15, and I will scribble my name in your book if you would like.

I’m excited and nervous, and hope I can answer the questions and participate in the conversation coherently. If anyone wants to jump into the comments and drop some panel-member wisdom on me, I’m all ears!

Also, how geeked am I that going to cons is part of my job now? SO GEEKED.


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