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  1. Serafim says:

    How many books will be in this series? When is the next one coming out? What will it be called?



  2. falconesse says:

    Hi Serafim,

    I don’t have a fixed number of books planned. As long as there are stories to tell for these characters, and people enjoying reading them, I figure I’ll be writing them. :)

    Next one is due in February 2015 from Ace, currently titled Grave Matters.

    Thank you for stopping by!

  3. Thomas A. O'Dell says:

    Is Valerie going to be a main character in “Grave Matters”? I’ve read the Amazon.com description and it sounds like it’s focusing on Elly and Cavale, which is fine, but I really like Valerie…

  4. falconesse says:

    Hi Thomas,

    Val’s in there! Both she and Chaz are dealing with this whole monster-hunting thing being part of Val’s life again. Thank you for reading. :)

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